Week 37 of 50 in the Institutes: Thanks to Phil Ryken

After taking issue with the blogs by Paul Helms last week, I will just tip my hat to the Reformation 21 blogger, Phil Ryken, for this week’s assignments.  Ryken did a nice job summarizing these sections in the Institutes, and I have nothing to add, for a change.  Labor Day wore me out, I suppose!

Links to Reformation 21 blogs through the Institutes:

Sep. 14: 4.5.2 – 4.5.7

Sep. 15: 4.5.8 – 4.5.15

Sep. 16: 4.5.16 – 4.6.3

Sep. 17: 4.6.4 – 4.6.9

Sep. 17: 4.6.10 – 4.6.16


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