Week 16 of 50 in the Institutes: No Sin, No Incarnation?

I agree with Rick Phillips that incarnational analogies are unnerving, and this week’s assignment dealing with sections on the nature of the incarnation, like those covering the Trinity, makes my head hurt!

But for anyone unsatisfied with Calvin’s answer to the question of whether Christ would have become man if Adam had not sinned (2.12.5), Mark Jones has written a blog in which he answers in the affirmative.  While I agree with Calvin that such speculative questions essentially go beyond what is revealed (and thus belong to the secret things of God), Mark Jones at least has a noble premise for arguing in the affirmative, namely, the beatific vision.

In another blog, Mark Jones encourages budding theologians to learn Latin, asserting:

“Calvin gets a lot of attention because his works are in English, but even if his contemporary, Peter Vermigli, were readily available in English, we’d be quoting him ad nauseam and appealing to him in order to justify our theological convictions.”

“Read Augustine’s Confessions in Latin and perhaps you’ll never read a blog again.”

Thankfully for most of us, we do indeed have Calvin’s Institutes in English.  All these revealed things will keep me occupied quite sufficiently the rest of my days. I do regret taking three years of French in high school instead of Latin, though.  But for those with time on their hands, there is always the Davenant Latin Institute.  Et tu?

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